About Us

Transport for London's website publishes still images from 771 traffic cameras on London's roads. Now we're trialling an exciting new service where we can show moving images, which mean you can judge the speed as well as volume of traffic.

The trial is taking place at the Blackwall Tunnel, with cameras at four locations capturing 14 different views of London's traffic on the northern and southern approaches and towards the O2 arena. But as a result of this trial, some or all of our Jam Cam images may be replaced by looping video of live traffic conditions.

Alan Bristow, Transport for London’s Traffic Manager and Director of Road Space Management says, “We’re always looking for new ways to make information more accessible, to ease your journey and reduce congestion. If there’s disruption on our roads, we want to make sure you find out about it before you get stuck in it. These animated Jam Cams will help you make a better judgment about how much traffic there is on the roads, and plan accordingly.”

This initiative is in partnership with QVision Technology, a Californian video technology company which has already successfully launched animated jam cams at the world's busiest border crossing, the Tijuana-San Diego border between Mexico and the USA, among other locations.

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